2nd Commonwealth Chemistry Congress, 23-25 May 2023

Phishing Warning

We are aware that some speakers have been approached by companies claiming to operate on behalf of Commonwealth Chemistry to book their accommodation for the Congress. Please note that whilst we are working with a travel agency to facilitate travel arrangements for some delegates, they would never approach you in the first instance and will not be arranging accommodation for delegates. Details of providers that we are working with are in the ‘Information for Delegates’ section of this webpage. If you are unsure about an e-mail or phone call you receive, please contact us and do not provide any credit card details or personal information.

Commonwealth Chemistry, the Federation of Commonwealth Chemical Sciences Societies, is delighted to announce that the second Commonwealth Chemistry Congress (CCC2023) will take place at the University of West Indies St Augustine campus, 23-25 May 2023.

The Commonwealth is a uniquely diverse group of nations with shared values and a powerful voice. It represents all corners of the globe with a population of 2.5 billion and includes both advanced economies and developing countries. It is home to 12% of the world’s researchers and accounts for around 10% of global research and development expenditure. With 1 in 3 people aged between 15 and 29 living in Commonwealth countries, the Commonwealth is set to play an ever more important role in the world’s future – a future that will present many challenges where science can identify solutions.

Bringing together chemists from across the Commonwealth under the banner of equality for all, the Commonwealth Chemistry Congress will promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), strengthen scientific capacity, inspire and elevate the role of the chemical sciences to society and policy makers, and celebrate achievements in chemistry. Representatives from chemical societies across the Commonwealth will join high level stakeholders from academia, industry and government in Trinidad.

The Congress will have a strong focus on early career chemists across the Commonwealth, with the aim of furthering their career development, enabling joint research and education activities, and providing networking opportunities to share research outputs. 

All participants will be expected to abide by the Commonwealth Chemistry Code of Conduct.

Registration and Participation

To ensure equal representation, inclusivity, and participation among all Commonwealth nations, over 30 Commonwealth countries (either through a society member or associate member of Commonwealth Chemistry) have nominated representatives and early career chemists to attend. These specially selected delegates will join our invited speakers and panellists for a programme designed to maximise conversation and networking opportunities, fostering meaningful new international alliances and thus building partnerships for the future.

If you would like to support or attend the Congress then download our sponsorship prospectus – available below in US or TT dollars – and contact the Secretariat.


The 2nd Commonwealth Chemistry Congress offers a unique programme to engage with a Commonwealth network from across the breadth of the chemical sciences. In addition to career development and networking opportunities for early career chemists, the programme includes scientific sessions featuring eminent researchers in the following themes:

The programme will also bring together high profile researchers, policymakers, and industrialists who can demonstrate the value and role of Commonwealth chemists in three panel discussions:


Zero Hunger (SDG 2), Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3)

Chaired by Professor Dr Md. Iqbal Rouf Mamun and Dr Ainka Brown

Plenary Speakers

Norelle Daly Illustration of Australian flag

James Cook University

Headshot photo of Professor Umezuruike Linus Opara with a brown background

Umezuruike Linus Opara Illustration of South African flag

Stellenbosch University
South Africa

Keynote Speakers

Portrait of Mohammad Shoeb on white background

Mohammad Shoeb Illustration of Bangladesh flag

University of Dhaka

Photo of Ruchi Anand looking to the right

Ruchi Anand Illustration of Indian flag

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Photo of Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

Andrea Goldson-Barnaby Illustration of Jamaican flag

The University of the West Indies

Asel Sartbaeva Illustration of British flag

University of Bath

Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7), Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12)

Chaired by Professor Karen Wilson and Dr Obinna Ofoegbu

Plenary Speakers

Professional portrait of Philip Jessop with grey background

Philip Jessop Illustration of Canadian flag

Queen’s University

A photo of Annamma Anil Odaneth with an office window in the background.

Annamma Anil Odaneth Illustration of Indian flag


Keynote Speakers

Photo of Audrey Moores outsidein front of red and white flowers

Audrey Moores Illustration of Canadian flag

McGill University

Photo of Sally Gaw in front of a green leafy hedge

Sally Gaw Illustration of New Zealand flag

University of Canterbury
New Zealand

Photo of Michael Forde with pale blue background

Michael Forde Illustration of Trinidad and Tobago flag

The University of the West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago

Karen Wilson Illustration of Australian flag

Griffith University

Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6), Climate Action (SDG 13)

Chaired by Dr Sameera Gunatilake and Dr Cora Young

Plenary Speakers

Photo of Opha Pauline Dube in front of a green wall

Opha Pauline Dube Illustration of Botswana flag

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
University of Botswana

Photo of Dinesh Mohan in front of trees

Dinesh Mohan Illustration of Indian flag

Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi

Keynote Speakers

Photo of Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith smiling in front of a sunny window

Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith Illustration of Jamaican flag

The University of the West Indies

Photo of Gloria Ukalina Obuzor smiling with people working in the background

Gloria Ukalina Obuzor Illustration of Nigeria flag

University of Port Harcourt

Photo of Timothy Biswick wearing a pink shirt with a white background

Timothy Biswick Illustration of Malawi flag

University of Malawi

Photo of Cora Young with a dark red colour top in front of a white background

Cora Young Illustration of Canadian flag

York University


Chemistry, The Commonwealth, and the SDGs

Chaired by Professor Sir Richard Catlow and Professor G D Yadav

Bringing together high profile stakeholders and influencers to discuss how Commonwealth chemical scientists can contribute to the UN SDGs.


Photo of Professor Verma in front of wooden panelling

Sandeep Verma Illustration of Indian flag

Head of Gangwal School of Medical Sciences and Technology (GSMST), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Photo of Catherine Ngila with white background

J Catherine Ngila Illustration of Kenyan flag

Executive Director,
African Foundation for Women & Youth in Education, Sciences, Technology and Innovation

Karen Salt Illustration of British flag

Deputy Director for Research Culture and Environment for UK Research and Innovation

Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10)

Chaired by Datin Dr Zuriati Zakaria and Dr Genevieve Adukpo

During this session, four speakers will tell the story of equality and diversity in chemistry by:

  • identifying and understanding the issues and barriers to equality and diversity,
  • looking at case studies and real examples to provide broader historical context,
  • sharing lived experiences of women and other under-represented groups in chemistry and STEM, and
  • examining international data and recent improvements for inclusion on the international stage.


Akua Opokua Britwum Illustration of Ghana flag

University of Cape Coast

Photo of Kevin Coutinho in a large exhibition space with wooden pillars in the background

Kevin Coutinho Illustration of British flag
Windsor Fellowship

Cynthia Ibeto Illustration of Nigeria flag

University of Nigeria Nsukka

Photo of Ale Palermo in front of shelves of books

Ale Palermo Illustration of British flag

Royal Society of Chemistry

Quality and Effective Education (SDG 4)

Chaired by Professor Bice Martincigh and Dr Lydia Rhyman

This session will examine how chemistry education has changed over the last four years and identify future directions for education in the chemical sciences.


A photo of Peter Mahaffy in front of a blurred office background

Peter Mahaffy Illustration of Canadian flag

The King’s University

Photo of Marietjie Potgieter with white background

Marietjie Potgieter Illustration of South African flag

University of Pretoria
South Africa

Photo of Glenn Hurst in front of a building with trees in the background

Glenn Hurst Illustration of British flag

University of York

Information for delegates

Early career chemists from over 30 Commonwealth countries have been selected to attend and present their sustainable research at CCC2023. Each country has also nominated senior representatives to attend the Congress and join the third Annual General Meeting of Commonwealth Chemistry on Thursday 25 May.


The closest airport to the Congress is Piarco International Airport, Port of Spain (POS). Delegates are encouraged to arrange travel to arrive on Monday 22 May and depart Thursday 25 May unless invited to attend the AGM on Thursday afternoon. Dinner and accommodation will be provided for AGM attendees on Thursday night.

The Secretariat and Local Organising Committee are working with Mid-Eastern Travel Services Limited, a travel agency in Trinidad and Tobago, to support booking travel for delegates from low- and middle-income countries. All early career delegates and AGM attendees will have been contacted by the agency on our behalf to offer their services. If you receive an email and are unsure of its origin, please contact the Secretariat and do not provide any credit card details or personal information.

Commonwealth Chemistry is grateful to the Chemists’ Community Fund, the benevolent fund of the Royal Society of Chemistry, for funding for early career researchers to attend the meeting.

Visa support

All delegates who require a visa for entry to Trinidad and Tobago or to support travel to the Congress can request a visa support letter during registration or from the Local Organising Committee via the Secretariat.


All invited and selected delegates will be staying at a hotel in Port of Spain, accommodation will be confirmed by the Secretariat and Local Organising Committee. A discounted rate is available for additional nights or for additional guests upon request.

If you receive an email and are unsure of its origin, please contact the Secretariat and do not provide any credit card details or personal information.


Illustration of South Africa flag

Vincent Nyamori (Chair)

South Africa

Illustration of South Africa flag

Bice Martincigh (Co-Chair)

South Africa

Illustration of Ghana flag

Genevieve Adukpo


Illustration of Jamaican flag

Ainka Brown


Illustration of British flag

Richard Catlow

United Kingdom

Illustration of Trinidad and Tobago flag

Michael Forde

Trinidad and Tobago

Illustration of Sri Lanka flag

Sameera R Gunatilake

Sri Lanka

Illustration of Bangladesh flag

MD. Iqbal Rouf Mamun


Illustration of Nigeria flag

Obinna Ofoegbu


Illustration of Mauritius flag

Lydia Rhyman


Illustration of Australian flag

Karen Wilson


Illustration of Indian flag

G D Yadav


Illustration of Canadian flag

Cora Young


Illustration of Malaysia flag

Zuriati Zakaria


Commonwealth Chemistry logo

Andrew Shore

Commonwealth Chemistry

Commonwealth Chemistry logo

Aurora Walshe

Commonwealth Chemistry

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2nd Commonwealth Chemistry Congress, 23-25 May 2023