Frequently Asked Questions

When was Commonwealth Chemistry formed?

The organisation was formally set up in 2020 and is led by an Executive Board of senior representatives from across the Commonwealth. It is headed by President Elect Dr Vicki Gardiner and supported by the Secretariat.

What is the purpose of Commonwealth Chemistry?

Bound together in the spirit of the Commonwealth, we champion equal opportunity for all, drive innovation, and promote excellence in the chemical sciences for the benefit of the Commonwealth nations and their people.

Is Commonwealth Chemistry a registered company?

Commonwealth Chemistry is a registered company in England and Wales. It is registered with Companies House and the registered company information can be found on their website.

Who can become a member of Commonwealth Chemistry?

Membership of Commonwealth Chemistry takes place at the national level. Commonwealth countries with a national / regional chemical society can join as Society members, whilst Commonwealth countries without a national / regional chemical society can join as Affiliate members. Any Affiliate membership who chose to set-up a national / regional chemical society can transition to Society members.

How do you become a member of Commonwealth Chemistry?

An authorised representative of the national chemical society can apply for membership on behalf of their chemical society to Commonwealth Chemistry. All applications are reviewed by the Executive Board.

Is my national chemical society / country / region a member of Commonwealth Chemistry?

A current list of Society members (national / regional chemical societies) and Affiliate members (countries or regions without a national / regional chemical society) can be found on our membership page.

Who oversees Commonwealth Chemistry activities?

The strategy and direction of Commonwealth Chemistry is guided by the Executive Board, who meet regularly to discuss these activities. The Executive Board is supported by the Commonwealth Chemistry Secretariat to deliver these activities.

How do I send you a comment, give feedback or make a suggestion?

Details on how to contact us are available on the get in touch page of the website.

How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with Commonwealth Chemistry, you can support us by sharing our work and activities with your colleagues and contacts using the social media buttons on our website. You can sign-up to receive the Commonwealth Chemistry newsletter and to submit content to the site. You can take part in events across the Commonwealth. If you have ideas on activities that Commonwealth Chemistry could undertake, please let us know. If your country / region does not have a chemical society and you would like to set one up, we can provide some assistance with this.

How do I get regular updates from Commonwealth Chemistry?

To get regular updates on Commonwealth Chemistry, you can sign up for our newsletter, which we will use to keep you up to date on what’s happening and what Commonwealth Chemistry is doing.

How do I update my details?

Log-in to you profile on the website to update your:

  • Name
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  • Any other details attached to your profile

How do I unsubscribe from the Commonwealth Chemistry newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by logging-in to your profile and amending your preferences.

I’m having problems viewing the website, what should I do?

We’ve tried to make our website as accessible as possible. There are a range of possible reasons for websites not displaying correctly. Please contact us with your problem and we will try to assist you.