This course is designed for researchers wanting to improve their critical thinking skills, regardless of the subject of their studies.

International Network for Advancing Science and Policy (INASP) have made this introductory course available free of charge. This is a self-study tutorial. You can join any time and stay enrolled in the tutorial for as long as you would like. It should take 3 hours to complete each unit, a total of 12 hours for the entire course. A certificate will be generated automatically once the completion criteria have been met.

Guided readings embedded with questions and reflective and exploratory activities form the core resources and activities within this course. Individuals do not need a fast internet connection to do this course.

There are some optional videos for which a fast connection would be useful. However it is possible to complete most of the activities and learn much from the course without watching the videos.

On completion of the course, you will have developed or improved your skills in:

  • what critical thinking means and how to develop your questioning and reading skills
  • how to recognise and construct arguments
  • distinguishinf facts from opinions, and identifying cause-effect relationships and fallacies
  • how to recognise perspectives and biases, and reflect on your own perspectives and biases.