The second event of the Early Career Network of Commonwealth Chemistry is the organisation of a webinar that coincided with Commonwealth Day whilst also marking International Women’s Day with inspirational talks on empowerment and professional enhancement of early career chemists titled  ‘Empowerment of Women Chemists in the Commonwealth Countries’. This free-to-access webinar has been made available on demand to help with enhancing knowledge in the area of publishing, catalysing the synergy between women Chemists in academia and industry, and equipping them with soft entrepreneurial skills. This is now available to watch on demand.

The Early Career Network plans to organise a series of activities to cater for the needs of early career chemists across the commonwealth, in line with the recommendations of the report “A Sustainable Chemistry Workforce for a Sustainable Future’.

During the webinar you will hear from our speakers, who will each give a short talk about their area of expertise and this will be followed by live Q&A.

Our speakers are:

  • Professor Catherine Ngila (African Foundation for Women and Youth in Education & STI, Kenya)
  • Dr Laura Fisher (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK)
  • Professor Nimanthi Jayathilaka (University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka)

The speakers will discuss:

  • Effective scientific writing
  • Publishing Support
  • Collaborative research initiatives that involve women chemists from diverse backgrounds and expertise.
  • Platforms and forums where women chemists can connect, share resources, and discuss research and career-related topics.
  • Networking events that bring together women chemists from academia, industry, and research institutions to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Entrepreneurship skills, technology transfer, and commercialization of scientific discoveries.
  • Funding schemes or grants specifically for women chemists interested in launching their own startups or innovative projects.
  • Incubation and Innovation of chemistry projects.

Dr Alejandra Palermo, a member of the Commonwealth Chemistry Executive Board provides the opening remarks for this event.