Across the globe chemical scientists are breaking new ground as they search for answers to some of the most pressing issues facing our world. Brilliant teams and individuals are unlocking new ideas that hold the potential to benefit their entire communities and beyond. The path from a great idea’s conception to its implementation and commercialisation, and ultimately the realisation of its benefits however, is not always smooth or well supported.

As a result Commonwealth Chemistry and Chemistry World came together to host an inspirational webinar ‘Taking Chemistry to Market’. This is now available to watch on demand.

The webinar will enhance your knowledge of this non-technical area by hearing from an expert panel about their experiences turning their knowledge, skills and research in the chemical sciences into viable and exciting businesses around the world. Additionally, the panellists will be answering questions posed by the live audience.

During the webinar you will hear from our speakers, who will each give a short talk about their experiences in commercialising chemistry and this will be followed by 30-40 minutes of live Q&A.

Our speakers are:

  • Suphiya Khan (Founder at Drumlins Water Technologies & Banasthali University, India)
  • Kylie Vincent (Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship, Oxford University, UK)
  • Kelly Chibale (Neville Isdell Chair in African-centric Drug Discovery & Development, University of Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Zhongxin Zhou (Gilead Sciences, Canada)

The speakers will discuss:

  • what it takes to start a company from scratch, in some very different contexts
  • a variety of viewpoints on the various stages of the taking chemistry to market journey
  • their lived experiences overcoming the challenges involved in commercialising chemistry