Panel Discussion: Fostering collaboration within Commonwealth Chemistry through Research Networking

Join us for a free webinar on collaboration and research networking on Monday 10th June from 12:00 – 13:40 GMT. This event is being run by the Commonwealth Chemistry Early Career Network Committee.

Panel Discussion on Fostering collaboration within the Commonwealth Chemistry through research network, flyer showing speakers and moderator

Early-career chemists (ECCs) within Commonwealth Chemistry must be empowered and given the tools they need to advance in their career development. They face many challenges when it comes to funding, publishing, and career progression. Some of them from less developed nations put in much effort to close the knowledge gap with knowledge-intensive regions. Collaborating with peers and senior specialists on research initiatives is one approach to managing these issues.  Collaboration is when individuals come together to get a project done efficiently. Collaboration among the ECCs brings together a variety of perspectives and experiences. This can be done through research networking which is more meaningful and inclusive. The ECCs must set their goals and select collaborators with diverse perspectives while fostering a common goal. Research networking can build capacities, bring innovation and promote cross-boundary partnerships in chemical sciences within the Commonwealth.

Aim/Purpose- This panel discussion aims to

  • share thoughts on the value of research networking and development as a means of fostering collaboration among ECCs;
  • provide examples of effective collaboration initiatives that can advance ECCs’ careers;
  • highlight the role of Chemical Societies within the Commonwealth Chemistry in fostering collaboration;
  • discuss the challenges to collaboration that ECCs from low- and middle-income nations, as well as female ECCs encounter, and the coping strategies that can improve their performance.

Themes for the panel discussion:

To meet the above objectives, the panel discussion will address the following:

  • promoting and strengthening collaboration through research networking, partnerships among ECCs and development.
  • effective networking between the ECCs and the Chemical Societies within the Commonwealth Chemistry, as well as between Chemical Societies.
  • fostering effective diversity in research and tackling inequity as a way of prompting research collaborations


Registration is free to chemists from across the Commonwealth and includes:

  • access to view the live event
  • access to an on demand recording after the event

Whilst this event is free to attend, registration is essential, as all attendees will need a log-in for access to the webinar platform.

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