Commonwealth Chemistry Annual General Meeting 2022 (AGM 2022)

In May we are holding the virtual Commonwealth Chemistry AGM 2022. During this meeting the President of Commonwealth Chemistry and the Executive Board will provide an update on the outcomes of the Elections for a President-Elect and new Executive Board members. Additionally there will be updates from the Finance Committee and the Report Working Group. This Working Group are following up on the recommendations and commitments in the report A Sustainable Chemistry Workforce for a Sustainable Future. The meeting will take place in a virtual format.

Commonwealth Chemistry (the Federation of Commonwealth Chemical Sciences Societies) was set up in 2019 to inspire, celebrate and elevate the role and practice of the chemical sciences for the benefit of Commonwealth nations and their people. 

As a collective of over 40 Commonwealth countries, Commonwealth Chemistry brings together individuals, communities and organisations working in the chemical sciences to develop networks, promote collaboration and address shared problems set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Representatives from member countries will come together with the Executive Board and Secretariat to reaffirm the goals of Commonwealth Chemistry, to help shape its strategy and therefore the focus and priorities for its activities.

The Commonwealth Chemistry AGM 2022 is by invitation only to nominated representatives.



Commonwealth Chemistry Secretariat
Royal Society of Chemistry
Thomas Graham House,
Science Park,
Milton Road,